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Complete Insight to Portfolio and Investor Health

Serve your investors and their consultants by delivering CRM and business intelligence directly to their mobile and tablet devices via the cloud. This front office solution’s CRM functionality automatically tracks investor information, activities, tasks and correspondence. Dashboards and analytic reports provide portfolio-wide transparency and help your team quickly answer investor inquiries.

Yardi InvestorPlus centralises valuable customer and contact information in the Yardi Voyager® database. Leveraging the browser-based Voyager platform and the ease-of-use of Microsoft® Outlook, InvestorPlus provides real-time access to all activities relating to your investors, prospects, and investment pipeline. It eliminates duplicate data entry by capturing contacts and correspondence step-by-step to automate the real estate fund cycle from lead generation through proposal creation and capital calls from investors.

Business Intelligence

  • Portfolio health including returns, compliance and trends
  • Investor health including returns, trends and communication

Customer Relationship Management

  • Track contacts, activities and communication involving every investor, client and consultant
  • Workflow for launching a new fund or investment vehicle and matching investment opportunities to the right investors
  • Investment pipeline for analysing investment opportunities and determining the best match for your portfolio allocation strategy prior to capital deployment