Executive Briefing – Yardi Australia & New Zealand

Executive Briefing Series: Market Insights

Real Estate Market Insights: A new series on the APAC economy, and looking to the past to predict the future.

2020 offered graphic evidence of how quickly boom times can yield to uncertainty. Companies have been propelled into a state of involuntary agility, resulting in strategic shifts and transformations in market outlooks. How can real estate managers and investors realize opportunities amid risks of the unknown? What has been the evolution of the industry through the pandemic and what does the future hold?

Featured in these events is an exploration from Oxford Economics and Real Capital Analytics on their vision of the past, present and future.

Each session will focus on different geographies within the Asia Pacific region.

  • 14 April – Hong Kong
  • 21 April – Singapore and Malaysia
  • 28 April – Australia and New Zealand

All sessions will take place from 12PM to 1PM (AEST).

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Panelists for all sessions

Bernie Devine
Regional Director (Asia Pacific)

David Green-Morgan
Managing Director (Asia Pacific)
Real Capital Analytics

Panelist for Hong Kong

Panelists for SG & MY

Panelist for ANZ

Tommy Wu
Lead Economist
Oxford Economics

Sian Fenner
Lead Asia Economist
Oxford Economics

Sung Eun-jung
Oxford Economics

Sarah Hunter
Chief Australia Economist
BIS Oxford Economics