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Data and Wi-Fi Services

Improve member experience with secure, fast, reliable internet

Enhance your members’ experience and increase your retention by delivering high speed connectivity and a seamless Wi-Fi experience. Via our mobile app and web self-service interface, members and guests can easily connect to Wi-Fi without engaging your staff.

Enhanced Data Performance & Security

Improve wireless performance stability and minimize degradation risk with a single network name (SSID). Users are set up quickly and easily. Via a powerful VLAN solution for each customer network provisioned, ensure tenant traffic only utilizes their assigned VLAN.

Roaming Across Locations

Your members are on the go constantly. Allow them to stay productive across all your sites – they can connect to the Internet using the same Wi-Fi credentials for any location. Provide user specific passwords and set limits for the number of connected devices per member. Track member and guest usage and, if the need arises, cease access at your discretion.

Tailored Service Options

You can build custom bandwidth packages to cover different levels of needs. Deliver a consistent, high speed connection to the internet, on demand. Access bandwidth usage across sites at member level. Easily manage all troubleshooting requests. Help your tenants plan for capacity and up-sell service plans.

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