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Document Management

Classify, store and secure files for ultimate collaboration

Increase productivity and communication across your business. Centralise key documents and enterprise information and provide secure access that empowers your staff and remote users.

Centralise in Yardi Voyager

Gain end-to-end document lifecycle management, with full Voyager security properties, access tracking and mobile access. Now you can create, review, publish, archive and retire documents more easily than ever.

Store Efficiently

Automatically publish and store living documents and reports to the correct locations in your repository – which eliminates errors and makes documents easy to find. You’ll also reduce costs and gain unlimited storage capacity.

Reduce Paper

Scan, publish and convert stacks of paper documents into electronic files – that are uploaded and indexed in the repository for easy search and access. Save time when you batch scan your paper documents and apply conversion routines for existing documents.

Find Documents Quickly

Simplify the process of gathering information associated with a specific asset. Thanks to accurate cataloging and full-text search functionality, you can get right to the documents you need. Search by name or phrase, including document text, to return all relevant results.

Work as a Team

Take document sharing and collaboration to a whole new level for your staff and remote users, with seamless management of version control and revision histories.

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Gain Security

Enforce your business rules to your internal and external users with secure document access to drive greater productivity across your entire organisation. Get comprehensive protection of sensitive information through property-level and folder- level security for documents.

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