Is there a success formula to help retail operators remake retail?
Six success formulas can help bricks-and-mortar landlords harness technology, respond to trends and create immersive, unique experiences for customers. How retail leaders harness digital technology to disrupt the shopping status quo is a serious business. But retail is also playful, adventurous, experimental and experiential – and this inspired us to develop a white paper that takes a light-hearted look at the trends transforming retail.

"Six success formulas to remake retail" is the latest in Yardi’s long-standing thought leadership series. Capturing everything from artificial intelligence to ‘phygital’ retail, retailers can find ways to apply these trends to their assets. With the right solutions, retail owners can spend more time innovating, connecting with customers, delivering outstanding experiences and finding their own success formula to remake retail. Download the free Yardi white paper now.
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