Data Centre: Fuelling the AI Future
Download the free Yardi white paper to find out what Asia Pacific’s property leaders should do today to prepare for the world of AI tomorrow?
The mind-blowing power of artificial intelligence may capture headlines and headspace, but no real estate company can harness AI’s potential – nor comply with imminent regulation – without good data governance. Yardi’s latest whitepaper offers big opportunities for Asia Pacific’s real estate leaders. Today, generative AI is writing text and cutting code, creating images and composing songs. But in the not-too distant future, AI will power a whole world of programs – everything from energy management to entertainment, metaverses to mobility. We have uncovered opportunities for all Asia Pacific real estate companies to better organise and optimise their data. Download the white paper now to explore,
  • Which data centre strategy offers better cost-efficiency & scalability?
  • How do the environmental costs balance against technological benefits?
  • How can data centres meet increasing demand whilst minimizing energy consumption?
  • Is the growth of AI & data centres too rapid or not fast enough?
  • What can we do now to prepare for the world of AI tomorrow?
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